Don't get hooked by phishers. Think before you click.


Phishing has been going on for many years now, yet many users continue to fall prey to tactics that bait victims into revealing their personal information. There is a reason why this type of cyber threat is so prevalent and dangerous: besides being relatively inexpensive, it is also very easy to execute.

Identifying an email scam is not always a straightforward process. This is where OhPhish comes in! Our phishing simulations mimic real-life attack scenarios that teach your employees to spot phishing scams and avoid the hefty cost of a data breach.

Simulation exercise is a highly effective simulation based solution to help identify and train employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthens the weakest link in your organization.

Dealing with the consequences of a phishing attack is both time consuming and costly. A single careless click on the wrong link can compromise your entire network. This is why it is important that everyone works together as a team to protect the company.

  • Make sure there is a system in place to report attacks, and make sure all of your employees understand how important it is to follow through in reporting it.
  • Train your employees to get in touch with the IT department if they come across a case like this so that IT can take appropriate action.
  • While structured annual or semi-annual training is recommended, employees should also receive on-the-fly training when an attack occurs.
  • If any employee, regardless of ranking and designation, clicks on a phishing link, they should receive immediate feedback and additional training.
  • Review the email with them, show them the red flags and indicators they missed, and provide additional training materials to help them avoid being phished in the future.

Phishing Simulation Cybersecurity Awareness

It is a simple and user-friendly solution for driving phishing simulations and online trainings. Phishing simulations is made easy through pre-existing phishing templates and connectors for authoritative identity repositories. The solution not only sends customized emails and campaigns, but also tracks responses and actions (like clicking links or opening attachments) in real time, giving trends as well as detailed reports by user, department, or other key demographic. It allows clients to simulate different types of phishing attacks, including suspicious links and attachments.

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