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The Overview

Vulnerability Assessments are a process of identifying, quantifying, and vulnerabilities in a system. Both the services have a different purpose and are carried out to achieve different but complementary objectives. VA and PT differ from each other in two ways. The VA process gives a horizontal map into the security position of the network and the application, while the PT process does a vertical deep dive into the findings. In other words, the VA process shows how big a vulnerability is, while the PT shows how bad it is.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Tools attack your system within the network and outside the network as if an hacker would attack it.

VAPT gives a more detailed view of the threats that your network or application is facing. It helps enterprises to protect their data and systems from malicious attacks.

VAPT is important to accomplish compliance standards. Protects your business from data loss and unauthorized access.


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Define a Scope:

The scope of each audit depends on the specific organization, industry, compliance standards, etc. However, here are some general guidelines that you should consider:

  • Any and all devices with an IP address can be considered for a VAPT activity.
  • Penetration Testing should focus on your organizations external parameters (IP Addresses, Offices, People, etc).
  • Vulnerability Assessment should focus on your internal infrastructure (servers, databases, switches, routers, desktops, firewalls, laptops, etc)

Web Application PenTest

WA VAPT is security trying techniques for security openings or weaknesses in web applications and corporate sites. Because of these weaknesses, sites are left open for misuse. Today, organizations are moving their most basic business cycle and applications measure on the web. There is no denying the way that today, web applications are considered as a weakness' significant purpose of assault in the associations.

The consequence of the web application gave data about the trade off of a few perusing machines that visited those sites which were assaulted by programmers. To stay away from a situation like this, VAPT keeps up total security and that is the significant motivation behind why it holds most extreme significance for an association. Web Application Penetration Testing is intended for identifying security weaknesses inside the online applications.


Mobile Application PenTest

Mobile applications have become a significant aspect of our everyday life as the reliance of people on Smartphones has generously enlarged. Be that as it may, a lot of clients are as yet oblivious of their gadgets' security. Wellbeing can regularly turn into a bogus observation on the off chance that we don't have any thought of how our applications were created just as infiltration testing.

The most valuable approach to maintain a strategic distance from any security hazard is to choose Mobile Application VAPT that holds the intensity of giving us a positive degree of certainty with regards to security upkeep. As per different investigations, over 80% of portable application clients have the conviction that their versatile account and wellbeing applications are entirely secure. Primer point of leading the Mobile App infiltration test is to perceive all exploitable weaknesses in the application or system that can conceivably get abused by the hackers.

Network PenTest

It is the evaluation strategy that is led by wellbeing specialists on the client's system for distinguishing potential weaknesses that the aggressors may abuse. The essential goal of a system infiltration test is to perceive exploitable weaknesses in frameworks, systems, arrange gadgets (i.e., switches, switches), and has before programmers can find just as adventure them.

IT Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is the methodology directed by security specialists for discovering potential weaknesses inclined to be misused by the malicious attack.


VAPT Deliverables

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) activity from adviacent would result in the following deliverables:

  • Executive Report – A high level overview of the activity conducted, summary of issues identified, risk ratings and action items.
  • Technical Report – A detailed report explaining each issue identified, step-by-step POCs for each issue, code and configuration examples to fix the issue and reference links for further details.
  • Real-Time Online Dashboard (In process) – A online portal that allows your teams to monitor the audit progress in real time, take immediate actions for high risk issues, track fixes and closure status, etc.