Remotely maintain your data, from anywhere, anytime.


The Overview

Backup storage is primarily an additional storage device used for keeping backup data. Typically, it is external to the system, server or device for which the backup data is created, such as a local/remote storage server. The backup storage itself can be a hard disk drive, tape drive, compact disk drive or any mass storage medium installed within a computer or storage server. In enterprise IT environments, the backup storage medium/technology used can be RAID, a storage area network or a network-attached storage system. Backup software or a backup manager is used to create, store, manage and retrieve backup data to and from the backed up application/device and the backup storage location.

DLO is an intelligent file copying utility and an add-on application to Backup Exec which allows you to backup file data from client workstations to a shared folder. This product is intended to provide file-level protection for desktop user data and is not intended to provide a full system backup.

Almost every business uses desktops and laptops. While using this type of machinery increase production and enables your employees to access all important company documents, applications, and data, computers are not always reliable. This is why it is fundamental that you reduce the risk of losing data that is currently being produced by using DLO backup services from us, the professionals at Efficloud. Our services such as effiProtect Cloud Desktop can effectively protect the data of your company laptops and desktops. Not only can we help you recover lost data, we can also assist you in getting your desktops and laptops back in running order again within a diminutive span of full data lost. It is critical that your business is able to recover from data loss as quickly as possible. The only way to ensure your business is able to do this is to utilize a backup and recovery plan. When you use our backup services, we guarantee that you will lose no more than just a few minutes-worth of your data.


We Keep Your Data Safe

You can expect 100% reliability and availability when you use our backup DLO Cloud solutions. We give our clients the opportunity to back-up their data as it is completed and convert it to end-user machine free data. Essentially you get endless backup in the background that does not disrupt any current work for your employees. It is our goal to provide expert Cloud based backup services that become an essential part of your business structure. You can contact us 24/7 for support whether it is via phone, web-based, or email. We make ourselves available to our clients when they need us most.

The Advantages of Cloud Based DLO Backup Include the Following:

  • • Automated Backup
  • • Centralized Management
  • • Faster Backup and Recovery
  • • Ease-of-Use

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