We're your senses on the Cyberspace. Helping you see what hackers see about you.


Cyber Security Solutions

Anticipating, preventing, detecting and responding to threats requires focus and dedication. We work to identify, understand and defeat threats as they emerge.

We offer leading-edge technology solutions, expert professional and managed services and proven methodologies to ensure your business risks are reduced, data is protected and business objectives are achieved.

The goal of our work is to support the work of IT Teams in planning the work of defending IT systems and making company work in total peace. Together with our customers we design secure solutions to protect their data and guarantee maximum business results

Balanced Approach

Implementing policies that make sense is the first step to ensuring compliance, reducing risk and enabling the business. We work closely to develop practical and efficient framework to help achieve the right balance between risk and efficiency for your business.

  • Network Architecture & Design Review
  • Application Architecture & Design Review
  • Threat Modelling
  • Vulnerability Assessment

IT Risk Audit and Compliance

You have challenging compliance requirements, not enough time to get audits done, and keeping up with risk assessments is a continuous problem. Reduce the time you need to satisfy requirements to meet compliance goals with pre-built requirements templates for the most widely used regulations.

  • Configuration Review
  • SIEM Monitoring
  • Realtime Incident Monitoring
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Web & Mobile App Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Gap & Risk Assessment
  • Website Code Testing
  • ISO 27001 Audit

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSS) are also considered the systematic approach to managing an organization's security needs. The services may be conducted in-house or outsourced to a service provider that oversees other companies' network and information system security. We help minimize risks, protect critical information and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of your security infrastructure. With an end-to-end suite of fully managed services, customers get a wide range of solutions that help improve their security posture. Our MSS team offers a wide variety of proactive mechanisms to address core security concerns, both within and outside the network.


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