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Adviacent Consulting Services', a privately held organization established in 2007. Adviacent is a robust technical services company that helps businesses to change the way they do business by becoming more transparent, leveraging on new source of Technologies, and furthering the "anytime, anyplace" collaborative style.

Adviacent Consulting Services' enables global industry to realize "collaborative thinking" that involves the company and its customers. Our Management team has over 12 years of experience. Each one of our executive team has rich and varied experience in managing large teams and projects using various technologies.

We are an ethics-led company with a realistic aim of helping the client focus on the core business. We are led by values that guide us to interact with our customers, clients and stakeholders. Our values steer every member of our team to a unified goal of staying committed to the clients we serve.

Adviacent Consulting Services' approach to client's projects is based on a collaborative methodology. May it be Technology Consulting, Business consulting, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, and IT Infrastructure, our objective is to increase efficiency, and drive competitive advantage for each client. Our unique business approach is based on providing you the best technology and personnel at below market costs, giving immediate access to the new technologies. We focus on delivering quality, effective, affordable Solution and Services that meets your business need.

Adviacent prides itself on harnessing the power of the individual to deliver the World Class consulting solutions & services to the end customers, as customers intend to have only one provider to build, implement, and maintain the system for them. Our Solutions should provide reliability, which will ensure productivity and business continuity, and also provide the ease of manageability and scalability of the infrastructure.

We believe in providing high-quality products that deliver on specific requirements and can adapt as your business needs do. We have a wide array of existing packages and can also provide custom business software to match your company's unique needs. We guarantee the best possible service in the shortest possible time. All our products are updated continuously to ensure that they will meet your constantly changing business needs.

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Transparency in dealings as we are operating as partners / vendors.

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Associations and Partnerships
Harnessing the most advanced technology available for IT and Business Service Provider for other Services.

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End to End Solutions
Providing complete and comprehensive end-to-end IT solutions & Business Services for every need.

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At Adviacent, our Mission is